Sunday, June 14, 2015

'Uber-app' ~ The car's final frontier

Since Uber did not show any sign that it may be interested in my vehicle concept and vision, I decided to delete this page. Uber is expected NOT to use any of the ideas that were laid out in this particular page, that has been saved for legal reasons somewhere else, nor in any of my other publications.

The presentation was put together for assessment purposes only. The New Isetta aka Smart ForThree is not an open source project, and formally OHIM registered. Since it is likely that I will do business in the U.S., it would be strange to have similar vehicles seen develop in your country. 

Again, unauthorized use forbidden. If in doubt about the semantics of what is "authorized" (literally: of, by or from the author) and what is not (presenting or using what has been created by someone else as if it were yours) consult a legal expert. 

If you have any questions, contact me through 

 Ralph Panhuyzen